Mostafa Khosravi,
Born in Bojnurd, Iran (1989).
Living in Tehran, Iran.

Painterly experience like every other sudden and immediate experience can be thought-provoking. However, writing, describing and documenting this experience is a very difficult task. Being born in the wild world still remains safe from the clutches of civilization, and breathing in a family full of handicrafts, a phrase that is trying to distinguish pure and spontaneous art from formal art in galleries is the most important indication. How can abstract lines and unique colors of rug and felt be overlooked? Felt weaver without the mediation of theoretical interpretations, reconstruct nature within the abstract meaning. Because existence in nature, lines and distinctions properly in mediating act of weaving takes into its work. With an amazing subtlety, my mother with amazing subtlety, by putting together the pieces of dyed wool, suddenly separated lines of heaven from ground, background color ranges from simple shapes of animals. so much can be said about this first experience, of collective act for weaving felt, of carpet designs with mathematical accuracy, of a rich imagination which can turn nature into a more spectacular thing with a delicate narration. Why this first experience of a simultaneous confrontation had not drawn me into canvas? I do not know, when my acceptance in the university was announced, I hadn’t hesitated for a second. Mysterious stretch for obtaining technical skill and placing myself into the market, distracted me from the initial line for some moments. At the same time, Morteza (my older brother) expanded his art. I was turned into his painting models and I observed coloring, designing, and other necessities. This was the second meeting, once again, the magic of color with tilted and thin lines, and thick and smooth, pulled out figures from the whiteness of canvas. Images which were involved and complicated, but ethereal space of observing experience was livened for me yet again. Paintings which you are about to see are the results of bravery of ‘’the audience’’ who is willing to find himself in the process of creation. It is hard to believe, but when I faced canvas and color before my eyes, it suddenly brought about the invisible hand of performer. Here you are and here’s the immediate description between the audience and the view.

But why is this the first experience of such a confrontation the same time towards the canvas is going to toss me? I do not know, I did not hesitate a moment when the news came to pass at the university. A mysterious pull toward gaining technical skills and exposure to the labor market for a few moments away from its initial delight. At the same time, but Morteza (older brother to say!) Work expanded. Little by little, I became the model for his paintings and, of course, coloring, design and other requirements in seeing him. This was the second visit. Color magic once again with tilted lines and thin, or thick and smooth, figures pulled out of a white canvas. However, this time the images that were involved and complicated but ethereal space experience for me to see revived.
Now the paintings you are about to see are the results of courage of “spectator” that this time wants to be present also in the process of creation. It is hard to believe, but when I faced paint and canvas before my eyes, suddenly an invisible hand created all lines.

Here you are and here’s the immediate description of the audience in the view.


2019- Negar Art Gallery, Iran-Tehran

2019- Vartan Art Gallery, Transition, Artist Group Exhibition

2018- Shokoh Art Gallery , First Auction of Autumn ,October of 2018

2018- Fiera Contemporanea, Cesena Fiera, Cesena-Italy.

2018- Iran less forty, Palazzo Bastogi museum, Florence-Italy.

2017- Fluorescent2, Royal Address Complex, Iranshahr Art Gallery, Iran-Tehran, Jun 2017

2017- Fluorescent2, Surface Project, Iranshahr Art Gallery, Iran-Tehran, Des 2017

2017- Opening Surface Project, Iranshahr Art Gallery, Iran-Tehran, Aug 2017

2017- 6 Artist 6 senses, Aran Art gallery, Brussels, April 2017

2017- Red, Negar Art Gallery, Iran-Tehran, Feb 2017

2016- 10 Artist 100 Work (Concept Store Gallery), Aran Art gallery, Brussels, Des 2016

2016- Art3F Brussels ( 2nd international contemporary art fair) Brussels, Sept 2016

2016- Threshold of feeling, Aran Art gallery, Brussels, April 2016